Our company is engaged in the sale of modern industrial plastics such as polyethylene PE1000 SVMPE, PE 500, polyamide (kapralon) RA 6, RA 4.6, ROM-S, ROM-N polyurethane, polypropylene in sheets and rods.

which have a very wide range of applications. Lining and manufacturing of parts, surface protection, replacement of parts of mechanisms from traditional materials such as iron, copper, bronze, brass and other alloys with modern heavy-duty and ultra-resistant plastics from the category of high molecular weight polyethylene UHMWPE PE 1000, polyacital, polyamide.

Additionally, our specialists can offer the best material option for your needs.

We also carry out milling on modern equipment, namely CNC milling machines F2513 Pro, the size of the working field is 2500mm * 1250mm. We employ highly qualified milling specialists with more than 15 years of experience in performing work. We guarantee the quality of performance and the agreed deadlines.

The location of production in Kyiv, which allows you to quickly send orders to every corner of our country in a short time.

We work with orders in drawings (dxf, cdr), sketches, it is also possible to digitize a part or product.

We look forward to collaborating!

We strive to increase efficiency with advanced technologies!